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Founder, Recovering health care practitioner – Assists with North Vancouver and Port Coquitlam location full time.

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Holli was a Registered Massage Therapist/Osteopath for 20 years with two cats, and a rehab yoga teacher with her own studio in kits for 5 years.

Holli’s cat hotel is in her house, yet separate from her living space. She can hear everything that happens in the hotel throughout the day and night. There is a large group room with private 4 level condos and there are two private cat rooms in the house, which are full bedrooms. Holli’s empathic ability assists in the cats getting their needs met as they integrate. Like humans, all cats have unique personalities and needs. Holli teaches everyone who cares for your cats, how to best care for their individual needs.

Holli, karina, and Ming, spend their days moving between the hotel and the private rooms. They continuously create a loving calm energy in the hotel.

Holli has taken cat disease control and animal first aid with her close Vet friend, Dr Cathy Kurtz, and regularly calls and meets with Cathy to learn more.  Our approach to the cats is loving and calm, she never expect a cat to move out of its comfort zone until it’s ready.  We spend extra time with first time cats who may be scared or nervous, to help them to integrate into the hotel.

Holli has taken many courses for massage, Aromatherapy, reflexology, Thai massage, osteopathy, infant massage (furless cats), energy healing, Reiki and many more including just finishing her fifth ten day silent meditation retreat.

music for cats or relaxing calm music, is played 24-7 to keep the cats relaxed and not listening for noises outside of the room. Each room has Da-bird feather throwers, electronic cat toys that continue to move when she leaves and plenty of toys. Please see cat integration for more on how we integrate the cats.


Mom, and Vet Tech @ Mountainside Animal Emergency- Hotel Manager & Director of home visit’s.


Mom, recovering health care practitioner. – Hotel, home visits, and amazing with cats, cleaning and organizing.

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