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Holli’s cat hotel is in the whole first floor of her 3000 sq foot house. It is separate from her living space above.

Previous to 2015, Holli was a Registered Massage Therapist Osteopath for 20 years with two cats, and a rehab yoga teacher with her own studio in kits for 5 years. Holli has taken cat disease control and animal first aid with her close Vet friend, Dr Cathy Kurtz, and regularly calls and meets with Cathy to learn more.  Our approach to the cats is loving and calm, she never expect a cat to move out of its comfort zone until they are ready. They can also move themselves to any of the 5 rooms on the lower level of the house as they desire. We spend extra time with first time cats who may be scared or nervous, to help them to integrate into the hotel.

Holli has taken many courses for massage, Aromatherapy, reflexology, Thai massage, osteopathy, infant massage (furless cats), energy healing, Reiki and many more including just finishing her fifth ten day silent meditation retreat.

Mature help: Unlike commercial companies, we hire only mature adult help. It’s not about profit, it’s about your cats needs. Your cats are in good hands with Holli and Holly.

Relaxing calm music, aquarium or bird videos are played day and night to keep the cats relaxed and serene. Each room has feather throwers, electronic cat toys/lasers that continue to move when she leaves and plenty of toys. Please see cat integration for more on how we integrate the cats.


Holly has been an animal lover & owner all her life. But only stepped into the animal care industry in early 2022 and hasn’t looked back since, she is currently here from the UK on a working visa seeking for a better lifestyle surrounded by loving animals and nature. Prior to animal care Holly has worked primarily in customer service based work, she understands our customers needs & concerns so she will go that extra mile for you and your fur baby. Alongside cat care she also likes to mix up her work life & works up at Mt.Seymour as a Ski Instructor in the winter part time teaching kids and families:) 

She has experience working and handling  both dogs and cats, being able to provide most medications and has cared for a lot of diabetic animals, she is very organised and is very on the ball to cater for those that need extra care! 

Holly currently has 1 cat, a 19 month old Ragdoll called Yuki. Which she flew from the UK to Canada to take him on an adventure, and give him a better lifestyle in the peaceful Cove:) Once Holly settles her aim is to adopt more cats to provide a loving home and to continue her career in animal care.

Moving forward Holly is wanting to learn and develop more about cat care from Holli, her aim is to make sure every cat in the hotel is well looked after 1 on 1 and is always brainstorming more ideas with Holli to provide exceptional care and safety. She analyses carefully to make sure every cat is 100% happy and content during their stay. You couldn’t be in more genuine, caring hands❤️ Holly looks forward to meeting and cuddling with your babies!

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