Home visits with Holli now available

Holli is currently available to come to your home to care for your pets. This service will be available until the hotel is fully booked again (when normal travel resumes)

Holli is available to take one dog per day on a long private hike. Extensive experience with both cats and dogs.

Not available in online booking, please contact holli at 778-628-3111 or holli@thescratchingpostcathotel.com for more information and availability.

45-60 min visit = $35

Quick feed and litter scoop = $25

Mid day long dog hike 90min plus = $50 Pick up and drop off included.

Travel cost per min = free within 15 minute of the hotel, .75c for every min after 15.

Pemf magnetic mat session for hotel guests = $5 per session.

Every healing session = $90