About Holli

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Holli was a Registered Massage Therapist for 20 years with two cats. She was the owner of a few businesses, a yoga studio, corporate massage therapy in house chair massage etc. She always has a business or two on the go in search of real happiness and living each day as if she were retired. She has found that in the cat hotel and with cats.  Holli’s cat hotel is in her house, yet separate from her living space. She lives above and beside the hotel and can hear everything that happens in the hotel throughout the day and night.

Holli spends her day in and out of the hotel.  She has created a loving calm energy in the hotel. She is in and out of the cat hotel each day from 7am-10pm and in the middle of the night if needed.

Holli has taken cat disease control and animal first aid with her close Vet friend, Dr Cathy Kurtz, and regularly calls and meets with Cathy weekly to learn more. Cathy also works at he hotel when Holli gets away occasionally. Videos can be found on the Facebook page of Dr. Cathy and Holli treating the specific needs of cats.  Holli’s approach to the cats is loving and calm and to never expect a cat to move out of its comfort zone until it’s ready. Holli spend a lot of time with first time cats who may be scared, to integrate them into the hotel and with the gang, so they can feel confident and safe  in the room with the other cats.

Holli has taken many courses for massage . Aromatherapy, reflexology, Thai massage, osteopathy, infant massage (furless cats), energy healing, and many more including just finishing her fifth 10 day silent meditation retreat.

Your cat will enjoy a large spacious room, with room to roam, plenty of toys, entertainment and love, day and night. Holli also brings in calm friends of cats to play with, visit and cuddle the cats. It’s really good for the cats to have loving people and energy around.

music for cats is played 24-7 to keep the cats relaxed and not listening for noises outside of the room. Daily play/interaction and bird/fish videos will entertain their afternoons in the private rooms.