Suites Explained

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Vancouver’s only Cat hotel with in home overnight care. We are also the only hotel who integrates the cats if they choose, with option to stay safe and relax in condo. Your cat chooses.

Social Room: is a large 700 sq foot group room with 7 private 4 level condos. All cats start out here for their first visit and they are welcome to find their preferred room of the 5 rooms on the first floor. (1500 sq feet) Their next visit they will be put in their preferred room.

Quiet rooms: Two bedrooms connect the shy and social room – for shy or active cats to relocate themselves to if they desire.

Shy room: A large 600 sq foot suite for calmer or older cats, who prefer quieter days and less traffic.

Private rooms: There are currently three private full bedrooms in the house.

Shy/Elderly Cat Building – now with 6 condos.

Initially, each cat is out as much as they desire (unless they do not want to come out). This can take from no time to 5 days to fully integrated with the space and the other cats. Cat’s do not have to be integrated if you choose not to.

ACTIVE CAT: Integration happens with a lot of communal play, feeding, distraction, and love. Being calm, moving slowly, and creating a relaxing environment is a must to helping them adjust faster. There is no guessing or potential cat confrontation. They are monitored very closely.

SHY/ELDERLY CAT: Integration happens with quiet, pets, loving and patience.

Check out the above link for a typical day of cats playing!

Social suite
Quiet suite