Home visits with Holli now available

Holli is currently available to come to your home to care for your pets. This service will be available until the hotel is fully booked again (when normal travel resumes)

Holli is available to take one dog per day on a long private hike. Extensive experience with both cats and dogs.

Not available in online booking, please contact holli at 778-628-3111 or holli@thescratchingpostcathotel.com for more information and availability.

45-60 min visit = $35

Quick feed and litter scoop = $25

Mid day long dog hike 90min plus = $50 Pick up and drop off included.

Travel cost per min = free within 15 minute of the hotel, .75c for every min after 15.

Pemf magnetic mat session for hotel guests = $5 per session.

Every healing session = $90


Online booking is now available!

Once you make your request, it is held for 48 hours while we await payment throught etranfer to holli@thescratchingpostcathotel.com or you contact the hotel with your credit card number.

We are available to accomidate request up to three days prior. If you have a last minute emergency, please contact the hotel directly to see if we are able to accomidate.

Looking forward to having you at the hotel very soon!

Energy Healing for cats

I’ve finally decided how I am going to merge my previous healing wisdom and experience with the cat hotel! (other then what I already provide) I’m going to take the Energy healing course and offer professional healing sessions for animals. All living beings have energy centres that can get blocked. Focused energy healing helps unblock stuck energy, in all living beings.

cat chakra.jpg

Adding new Videos!

Very exciting, a long time friend Ben Maguire, (freelance videographer/Editor) that I use to Crossfit with, agreed to let me hire him to help create some videos for the website and online media. We will be starting in the next few weeks.

This will give people a virtual tour and description of how the hotel works, what to expect, and insight on what really happens in the walls of this love fest we call the cat hotel!

Ben and I have been talking on and off for a long time, about creating a youtube station on the cat hotel, maybe a cat taxi parody. We are still brainstorming!