Cat Butler: Cat Home Visits

We now provide cat home visits on the North Shore and surrounding areas.

Meet Karina and her three legged cat!

Karina has a background in veterinary care and has gained experience working in an emergency animal hospital. She enjoys helping and caring for your furry family members. Whether it’s providing tons of cuddles or assisting in stabilizing an animal during a medical emergency, Karina always has the best interest of the animal in mind.

She is always willing to go above and beyond to guarantee the highest level of care is given to your family member. She has experience with proper handling, restraint, and approaching, giving medications orally and by injection, subcutaneous fluids along with providing basic husbandry.

Karina currently has four cats of her own; a 10 year old diabetic ragdoll, an adopted 2 year old tabby tripod and newly adopted 4 month old kittens. She also cared for her childhood tortoiseshell who lived to the age of 19! Karina also helps the community by fostering felines from local rescues until they find their forever home.

By always having a pet to care for, she understands the hardship of leaving a pet behind for vacations and business trips and sympathizes when finding a trusted and bondable pet sitter.

Going forward Karina wants to expand how she helps out your family felines. Not only is she interested in your pets well being she wants to provide reliable and valuable service so you can worry less when you make that trip out of town.

Please contact: for inquiry.

Cat Home Visits

All our visits include feeding, changing water, litter scooping, play and cuddle time and fur brushing if needed.

Complimentary: Mail collection, plant watering and general care taking of home.

Please contact for inquiry.

Cat Home Visit Rates

Local (North Vancouver)Surrounding areas up to 10kmSurrounding areas 10-15km
2 x 15 Minute$45 per day + 0.75/km$50 per day + 0.75/km$55 per day + 0.75/km
1 x 30 Minute$40 per day + 0.75/km$45 per day + 0.75/km$50 per day + 0.75/km
2 x 30 Minute$60 per day + 0.75/km$65 per day + 0.75/km$70 per day + 0.75/km
1 x 60 Minute$55 per day + 0.75/km$60 per day + 0.75/km$65 per day + 0.75/km
For cat home visits over 15km please email Prices do not include tax.

Additional Rates

Medication: $5 per medication administration. Includes oral, ear and eye and $10 for subcutaneous treatment.

Key Pick up/Meet and Greet: Price varies based on location or key can be dropped off/picked up from business location. Please contact for address.

Holiday Fee: An additional $5/day for all Canadian statutory holidays, long weekends, March and Christmas break.

Parking: Parking fees may apply.


Please contact us at

In your email please include:

  • The number of days requiring a home visit along with dates
  • Your home address
  • Any medications if applicable
  • If you’re interested in one or two visits per day