Private Rooms

2 Private bedrooms – 100 sq ft

1 Semi private shared room for shy cats 200 sq ft



Cats get a whole bedroom to themselves,  a minimum 2, 1 hour long visits morning and evening, with visits throughout the day. If we feel they need a sleep over, We will spend the night occasionally

If a private room booking is under 8 days, a $50 cleaning fee is applied. Unlike other boarding places, our private rooms are full bedrooms in the house, and include two full hours of cuddles and play.



100 sq foot catified furnished bedroom with cat toys, cat tree. (pictured above)

5-14 days $50 per day.  (Two cats included, $5 per cat from 3 on)

14-24 days $45 per day. (Two cats included, $5 per cat from 3 on)

Plus Tax

Lower rates available for longer stays when reserved up front. No refund for earlier pick up, it’s better to book the shortest amount of time you think you will need, and extend if need be. (Available when arranged previous the pick up date).

Shy cats room 

200 sq foot catified furnished semi private shy cats bedroom with cat toys, cat tree. (pictured below) for cats that are shy, but benefit from the company of 4-6 other cats.

Same price as the group room. Cats must be in the group room first to see how they are with other cats. Shy room includes a minimum of 2 hours of attention a day, and other cat company.