Private Rooms

3 Private bedrooms 2 smaller, 1 Large. 


Private rooms have a 5 day minimum stay. 

Cats get hour long visits morning and evening, with visits throughout the day. If i feel they need a sleep over, I will spend the night occasionally.



2120 sq foot catified furnished bedroom with cat toys, cat tree. (pictured above)

5-14 days $40 per day. Tax inc

14 days-1 month $35 per day. Tax inc

monthly rate (30 days) $900. $2 a day for each additional cat. plus tax

Lower rates available for longer stays when booked up front.


200 sq foot catified furnished bedroom with cat toys, cat tree. (pictured below)

5-14 days $50 per day, plus tax

14 days-1 month $45 per day, tac inc

monthly rate (30 days)  $1200. tax inc

Lower rates available for longer stays.