Details and Location


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1840 Mountain HWY,

North Vancouver BC

V7J 2M8

Don’t look for the address on Mountain, the street is very busy. Go east on 18th and I am on the north east corner. The entrance to the cat hotel is under the car port to the right of the lower level of the house.


Cat drop offs and pick ups are booked in 15 min slots at least few days ahead

This is to ensure:

I’m not running errands.

Two people don’t show up at the same time, leaving cats to wait in a hot car or create a stressful atmosphere in the hotel. 

I have time to prepare the cats who are scared of strangers.

I am in the right room to meet you. (The hotel has four rooms, one group and three private).

That there are not so many strangers in the hotel at once, that the cats can not relax and get used to their new environment. 

All of which keep the cats calm and happy, and that is my only goal. If you are not able to book a time or let me know when you will be stopping by, you will not be rebooked. My only goal is harmony in the hotel for your cats comfort. I’m happy when your cat is happy.