Visits and drop offs are booked in 15 min slots for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure I am in the hotel, (not getting groceries, or at yoga), etc. 
  2.  To ensure the cats are ready for visitors. Some cats get scared, when strangers come in, and I like to give them extra attention before hand, and get them back into their “safe space” their cat condo when visitors arrive. I work hard to gain their trust, and I like to keep the hotel stress free. 
  3. To ensure I don’t have two people showing up at the same time, either to drop off, pick up, see the hotel for future bookings, or to visit their cats. Too many people in the hotel, can stress some cats out, and no cat parent gets the proper attention when I’m entertaining many, instead of the one person who’s booked for the appointment. 

I appreciate your understanding. I have 3-7 meetings a day, and I like to keep things calm, by having things run smoothly. If you can not make your appointment, please let me know asap. 

Booking for cat drop off, cat pick up or hotel showings, or cat visits are available ahead of time:

Monday-Thursday 8am – 7pm

Friday 8am-6pm.

Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

Appointment can be set at holliscats@gmail.com or 778-628-3111.

Looking forward to meeting you and your fur baby.

Please check out the facebook page for more pictures and daily