Visits and drop offs are booked in 15 min slots to ensure I am in the hotel, that the cats are ready for visitors, or to bring another cat in, and to ensure there are not too many visitors at once, which can stress out some furry babies.

Because I am in and out of the Hotel from 8am to 10pm, I run out a few times during the day.  If you are unable to make a specific appointment time to drop off or pick up your cat, I can refer you to a boarding vet clinic that is open 9-6, and has more flexibility for casual drop off and pick up times. 


Booking for cat drop off, cat pick up or hotel showings are available by appointment from 8am to 7pm. Appointment available at either holliscats@gmail.com or 778-628-3111.

Looking forward to meeting you and your fur baby.

Please check out the facebook page for more pictures and daily