Our Holistic View


My background in Massage Therapy,  Ostopathy and having a Yoga studio emerged from my holistic view on life.

All the cleaning methods and products in the hotel are natural and healthy.  I use Theives cleaning products from Young Living.  Young living differs from other aromatherapy companies in a way that they have developed a machine that keeps the extract alive when they create their product.  Ie: If you put it under a microscope, you will see it moving.

If needed, a live organic microbiotic is added to the water to increase the cats immune system, this aids in a healthy gut. I add can add probiotic to the cats wet food if I feel a cat is getting sick. Humans benefit from probiotics,and so do cats.

Anything new brought into the hotel is aired out first. Renovations, painting or updates are all done with non toxic products.