Social Room/Private Condo

Summer 2023 update: Although we got fully booked in April for the summer, we have had a few cancellations. Feel free to contact Holli at 778-628-3111 for more information. Text is best to inquire about availability.

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No cats from different homes are ever left together unattended.

-Cat Integration

Cats have their own four level condo (which they are welcome to come and go from). They are encouraged to come out as soon as they feel comfortable, which can take no time, to a few days.  Over the years I have noticed that most cats are happier together, then in separate rooms, (unless they are diabetic, sick on special diets or prefer the quiet room with less traffic).

Cats are social animals. I choose not to build multiple smaller secluded rooms as the cats would not get the one-on-one attention and socialization that all cats require.  It’s impossible for one or two of us to spend a few hours a day in 20 rooms. The group room allows cats to stay in their condo if they chose, with the benefit of company and entertainment all day. 99% of cats integrate and feel completely at home after 0-5 days.


The cats integrate quickly because they have a lot of perches, hiding spots to relax in until they are ready to integrate. Cat’s are not territorial when they are not in their own home. If your cat is not happy in a specific room, we let them move themselves to a more appropriate room. We will let you know exactly how they did when you pick them up, or when you ask. If your cat does not want to socialize, we do make time for them to come out of their condo and explore, daily.

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