Group Room


Group boarding: Cats have their own four level condo (which they are welcome to come and go from). They are encouraged to come out as soon as they feel comfortable, which can take no time, to a few days.  Over the years I have noticed that most cats are happier together than in separate rooms, (unless they are diabetic or very anti-social). Generally cats are social animals. I decided not to build many smaller secluded rooms as the cats would never get the one on one attention and socialization that cats require.  It’s impossible for me, or even two of us to spend a few hours a day in 20 rooms. The group room allows cats to stay in their condo if they chose, but know they have company and entertainment to watch, or they can come and join the fun, which 99% of cats end up doing. The cats get a long because they are not territorial to their own home, they have their condo, and they sort out and share the communal space.










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4 level Cat Condo in the group room: 

Private suites in the group room full of toys and play. 

(if your cat wants to socialize in hotel they are welcome to, if not, they are free to observe from their private and safe four level condo). Generally it takes a few days for a cat to come out and socialize with all the toys, volunteers and other cats, but they end up happy and well adjusted.

Per condo in the group room:  (4 level cat condos). 

$29 purr day.

Additional cat $12

Long term (14-30 days) $27 purr day.  Additional cat $10. with the exception of Christmas, March break, stat holidays, June – sept 15th.

$675 Monthly (30 days).   Additional cat $275

Plus tax

Competitive rates available for longer stays when reserved up front.

Private condos are four level accommodations in the group room with communal play, a climbing rope wall, and many toys for the more social cats.


Each cat condo is 32 inches wide, 78 inches high and 25 inches deep with four levels  (NOT TWO), for litter, food, play and sleep. Once your cat is comfortable, they come out and play, and only go back in if they choose to. Many cat’s stay out and make a home wherever they are most comfortable.