Requirements and booking



Spay or neuter after the age of 6 months.

FVRCP-Within last 3 years (this is the cat herpes – the kennel cough, once they have the virus they always do, if they had it when younger, it may spark up again at the hotel). 

Feline Leukemia-optional  (not good for older cats).

Rabies (outdoor cats).

Flea treatment applied a few days prior. ( I can also apply one for $20). This insures your cat won’t come home with fleas. Flea eggs can live up to 3 months on a cat after the fleas have been killed and treated, so you never know.  (ALSO OPTIONAL) 

Booking Policies

50% deposit to reserve, remainder due on cat drop off.

30 day cancellation policy

Waiver must be signed at hotel visit or drop off, allowing me to give, or seek medical care if required.

Have your vet scan and forward me proof of vaccination, (or send me a picture or scan) to

Please trim your cats claws back and front. Eg: i was holding a cat like a baby, and another cat jumped on the desk behind and the cat I was holding got scared and attacked my face, I don’t want to be scared to cuddle and affection the cats. Also, whey they play and run around the hotel, they scratch up the walls, and can get them stuck in things, which can dislocate their furry fingers.

Please put a towel in the carrier. Eg; a cat was dropped off in a bare carrier, and it had peed and poohed and i took the carrier out of the condo a day later to see why he wouldn’t go back in and poured it all over my body and Uggs.

Thanks for your help on this in all these policies.

If you have questions about ANYTHING, please contact me at 778-628-3111

Billing is per day tax inc.

Check out the facebook page for daily photos and videos.