Services and Booking


Home visit $25 per visit, (the shore only).

Daily medication: $3 a day  (pills, added ingredients etc). $4 Injections or inhaler.

If you chose not to bring your own food:

Kibble $2

Canned: $3

Raw: $4

Cat Shuttle: Price is roughly the cost per minute one way – cheaper then a taxi.

Outdoor cat walk on leash: $10 per day


Booking Policies

50% deposit to reserve, remainder due on cat drop off.

30 day cancellation policy. (Exceptions made for serious life happenings).

If your cat gets sick, and you want me to be able to freely take them to your vet, you can fill out a form at your vet clinic, leave it with your vet authorizing me to bring them in for treatment. Unfortunately pets are classified as Property, and it can be tricky without this form. Additional charge for transportation and medical care.

Please provide me with visual proof of vaccination, (or send me a picture or scan) to or text to 778-628-3111

Please trim your cats claws back and front (if you can). when some cats play, although their claws can get stuck in the scratch posts, my legs, chest, etc.   When the younger ones run around the room, they can scratch up the walls. (not mandatory if you are worried about your cat being safe outdoors at home).

Please put a towel in the carrier. It’s more comfortable for your cat, they love to smell your scent, and if they have an accident, I can easily remove the towel, wash it, and put it back in their condo.

Veterinary approved flea treatment applied a few days before. Store bought ones can be more toxic and are ineffective.

Billing is per day, tax inc.

Thanks for your help in making the transition for the cats a smooth one. If you have questions please contact me at 778-628-3111

Check out the facebook page for daily photos and videos.