Services and Booking


Daily medication:

$5 per application.  (pills, added ingredients, extra feedings – more than two.  etc).  Injections or inhaler.


Cat taxi:

is 75c cents a minute – cheaper than a taxi.

Outdoor cat walk on leash:

$10 per day

Plus Tax.


At the hotel:  Bowls are not needed.  Only food is required.

Booking Policies

50% deposit to reserve, balance when you drop your cat off. Full payment required if booking within 7 days of your desired reservation. Only a deposit or full payment secures a reservation.

If your cat gets sick, and you want me to be able to freely take them to the vet, you can fill out a form at any Lynn Valley Vet Clinic, authorizing me to bring them in for treatment. Unfortunately pets are classified as property, and it can be tricky without this form. Additional charge for transportation and medical care.

Vaccinations – you will be prompted online to fill in your


-Feline leukemia

by the time you bring your cat in.

Please trim your cats claws back and front (if you can).

note: claws are fully grown back within two weeks, so no need to worry about their safety outside.

Please put a towel in the carrier if there is a chance of them having an accident. It’s more comfortable for your cat, they love to smell your scent, and if they have an accident, I can easily remove the towel, wash it, and put it back in their condo.

Optional: Veterinary approved flea treatment applied a few days before. Store bought ones can be more toxic and are ineffective. All untreated cats will have Advantage flea treatment applied for $25, if a cat is brought in with fleas. It’s rare but it’s out of our control, I have had two incidences of fleas being brought in, and none of the other cats caught them.

Toys in group rooms: Please don’t bring toys with strings or tassels, hair elastics, elastics, some cats eat them, and could end up in the vet clinic. 

At the time of booking, this will be your consent form to innitial:

I understand that:

Ongoing medical care is $10 per day. I understand that marking in the cat hotel is considered additional medical care as my cat will need to be watched out in the hotel, two hours a day with supervision, with addition to extra laundry and cleaning.

That dropping off and picking up my cat is by appointment only, if I am going to be early or late, I will text or call the hotel at 778-628-3111 to make new appointment arrangements. I understand that organization keeps the hotel calm for the staff and the cats, and the cats need to be prepared for strangers to arrive.

Flea treatment is not required, if a siuation arises and flea treatment needs to be administered, it will be applied to my cat/s for a fee of $25 each cat.

If I have not made contact with the hotel, 5 days after scheduled pick up was agreed, action will be take to rehome my cat.

If the hotel is able to accomidate a drop off or pick up outside hotel hours, a $20 overtime fee will apply.

That my booking is refundable up to 30 days prior to my reservation, minus a $25 processing fee. If serious life happenings occur and I no longer require cat care, my reservation is refundable up to 10 days prior for a $50 cancellation fee, 5 days prior for a $100 cancellation fee, and $150 cancellation fee the day the reservation set for, or non refundable if we don’t hear from you at all.

That cutting my trip short applies to the same fee schedule, and notification to the hotel. I understand that the balance, minus the cancellatoin fee will be applied to future bookings, and will not be returned to me in cash.

That a $20 after hours fee will be applied if the hotel is able to accomidate my request to drop off or pick up my cat later then 7pm Monday to Friday and 6pm Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

A $10 daily medication fee applies to Ventilators, Injections, and a $5 fee to additional food additives, pills added into food, gels rubbed into ears etc.

We accept cash, etransfer, cheque and credit card (by phoning in and giving your card in person) in the hotel.

Thanks for your help in making the transition for your cat/s a smooth one. If you have questions please contact me at 778-628-3111

Check out the facebook page for daily photos and videos.