Test Run My Cat?

This service is available off season. High seasons = Summer, March break, Long weekends, and Christmas.

You: My cat has not met other cats.

Me: You may be happy to hear, nor had most of the other cats at the cat hotel in the Facebook video’s and pictures.

We are excited to announce we are now saving 80% of our availability for our long term furry friends who have become our beloved family at the scratching post cat boarding over the past 8 years. If your cat was happy at the hotel we are happy to have you back!

We now only board 3 new cats at a time in order to give new cats the attention they deserve as they acclimatize to the hotel. We have also decreased our total cat boarding intake to 22 total. New cats, always need more love and attention in their new environment. The repeat babies arrive happy and settled, and often help the new cats settle in. Feel free to book a visit the second or third day to help your cat adjust.

If you would like to test run your cat at the hotel, in order to become part of our ongoing furry family, please get in touch with us for a hotel meet and greet with Holli. We will determine together if our cat hotel facility is the best option for what your cat needs while you are away, and what is the best way to lovingly introduce your cat to the hotel.

We understand many people have been at home with their new cats over the past fear years, and want to travel. Let us support you as we introduce your cat to new adventures at the cat hotel.